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En Garde: There Was Literal Fencing At Gentle Monster [NYFW]

Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster truly pushes boundaries—a rare feat for a narrowly focused line. They’ve designed ski goggle-like sunnies for Hood by Air, collaborated with Opening Ceremony, and their Soho store even features a gallery space with rotating exhibitions. But all of the avant-garde shades in the world couldn’t prepare us for their show last night at MADE New York. The glasses were fantastic, with styles ranging from Kurt Cobain’s classics to oversized, rounded aviators, and they’re all impeccably made. They’re light, and exceedingly well-constructed.

But Gentle Monster’s version of a presentation was unlike anything we’ve ever seen. The brand cut the Milk Studios runway space in half with a mirrored wall, bathed in blue neon light. Models slowly emerged, and began to—wait for it—fence. If you think about it, fencing, with its fitted, all-white outfits and swords, is a supremely fashionable sport. Weapons of death are chic! In front of a small crowd of VIPs (including the genius FKA Twigs), the models went all Inigo Montoya and then removed their helmets to reveal the creations underneath. En garde.


Photos by Andrew Boyle

Gif by Bonnie Wang.

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