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Erotica for the Blind: Check Out This Dirty Braille Book

There’s a lot of wacky stuff floating around the internet, but this is a new brand of bizarre. Behold the “sensual braille book,” a tactile erotica for the visually impaired, created by Swedish artist Nina Linde.


Featuring dirty braille text and raised illustrations of straight, gay, and lesbian sex for the reader to feel up, Linde’s book been popularly dubbed “porn for blind people,” but this term is pretty reductive. “I don’t think ‘porn’ is the right word,” she says. “The book is about sexual stimulation… and sexual stimulation is for everyone.” Linde went on to say that she got the idea while visiting Stockholm’s Braille Library and finding absolutely no “dirty stuff.”

The book was created five years ago, but it’s getting a lot of attention right now for a couple of reasons—because it’s totally awesome, of course, but also because the National Library of Sweden now has a copy of their very own.


Sweden has a reputation for their liberal attitudes towards sex, and this book seems to have set the stage for allowing people with disabilities to more easily explore their sexuality. Last month a series of sex-ed books, dealing with issues like puberty and masturbation, was released for Swedish teens with special needs.

Though the book is only available in Swedish, Linde hopes that she will be able to have it published in many other languages within the near future, for, as she told local Swedish outlets, “everyone needs some sexual stimulation.”

Images by Nina Linde

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