Ebony G. Patterson setting up her exhibit "Dead Treez" at The Museum of Arts and Design.



Essential Exhibits To Check Out at Museum Week NYC

This Monday marked the beginning of the 14th annual Museum Week, and this year it’s all about social media. Each day of the week will have a theme and accompanying hashtag, but if you live in NYC, the best way to experience the magic of Museum Week is IRL. With nearly 100 museums scattered throughout the boroughs, it can be tough to decide which exhibits to prioritize, but we’ve got you covered. Peruse the five thought-provoking exhibits below that are at the top of our must-see list.

An Homage to Coney Island at the Brooklyn Museum

If you’ve ever seen Uptown Girls, you know there was at least one (fictional) person who thought of Coney Island as a mystical dreamland. The actual Coney Island is a little more polluted than it is dreamy, but Stephen Powers‘ latest installation at the Brooklyn Museum recalls the seaside neighborhood’s heyday.

Coney Island Is Still Dreamland - Stephen Powers
“Coney Island Is Still Dreamland” recalls the Brooklyn neighborhood’s vintage heyday.

A Nod to Black Lives Matter at The Museum of Arts and Design

Ebony G. Patterson‘s “Dead Treez” is an exploration of visibility as it relates to class, gender, race, and the media. The exhibit consists of male mannequins in vibrant clothing, a brilliant jewelry collection, and five elaborate, richly colored tapestries. The works’ sinister undertones betray their bright exteriors; each tapestry depicts a murder victim, forcing the viewer to come into contact with the brutal realities experienced by people who live in marginalized communities. “Dead Treez” will only be showing until April 3rd, so check it out ASAP.

Dead Treez - Ebony G. Patterson
The vibrant tapestries in the exhibition actually depict the faces of murder victims.

Looking at the Past through Fashion and Art History at the New Museum 

Cheryl Donegan’s “Scenes + Commercials” is a selection of work she’s created over her two-decade-long career, as well as a new outerwear collection titled “EXTRA LAYER.” You’ve probably seen Donnegan before in Head, that dope video where she essentially blows a milk jug. Her latest exhibit at the New Museum is a combination of video, painting, and performance that tackles how our connections to the past are produced, particularly when it comes to fashion and art history. Catch it before it closes on April 10th.

Scenes + Commercials - Cheryl Donegan
A jacket created for “EXTRA LAYER,” the new outerwear collection that’s part of Donnegan’s exhibition.

The Studio Museum in Harlem Delves into the History of Vogueing

THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO SEE” combines video and collage works to explore the role of vogueing in NYC’s queer ballroom scene. Artist Rashaad Newsome, who performed at last year’s Art Basel, is particularly interested in the appropriation of vogueing in the ’90s and the need for queer people of color to reclaim the dance and be included in the mainstream art world.

This Is What I Want To See - Rashaad Newsome
Video still of Newsome dancing from ICON, one of the videos in the collection.

The Whitney Museum of American Art Pays Tribute to Edward Snowden in New Exhibit

Astro Noise” is journalist and filmmaker Laura Poitras‘ first museum exhibition. Centered on the role of mass surveillance in the post-9/11 world, the exhibit draws its title from the name Edward Snowden gave to an encrypted file that contained evidence of the NSA spying on civilians. Poitras’ immersive installations combine film and technology to turn viewers into simultaneous consumers and objects of surveillance.

Astro Noise
One of many satellite images intercepted from the NSA.

Images via the Brooklyn Museum, the Museum of Arts and Design, the New Museum, the Studio Museum in Harlem, and the Whitney.

Stay tuned to Milk for more exhilarating exhibits. 

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