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Essential LGBTQ Movies To Stream For Celebrating Pride Month

After the devastating massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando, many Americans celebrating Pride Month this June fear that they’ll be met with anti-LGBTQ violence. With stirring concerns around an individual’s safety in the wake of these brutal attacks and heightened security now present at pretty much all Pride Month festivities, many within the LGBTQ community are considering celebrating their identity from the comfort of their couch this year.

It’s understandable that with more than 2 million in attendance at NYC’s 2015 Pride–and with attendance expected to increase for this upcoming year–that the community is scared of another massive, hate-driven attack. And if online discourses hold any substance on the matter, it appears that many who may have shown up will be dwelling at home in their AC instead.

Alas, our good pal and fav streaming service Netflix released its 2016 Pride Guide, a comprehensive list of the top streaming lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender films and television series, this week. Given that Netflix released its first Pride Guide back in 2013 with only 16 entries, this year’s list, which totals in at 52 films and series, sheds light on how far our Netflix libraries have progressed in just two year–unlike some of America’s public.

Making it easier to combat the injustices served to marginalized folk through educational cinema, Netflix is engaging subscribers with LGBTQ entertainment from the comfy interior of their bedrooms. And, if you happen to be a Netflix and chill type, you could possibly watch these movies from the comfort of someone else’s bed.

Listed below are five must-sees from the Pride Guide, which you can peruse through in full here.

The Enlightening Do I Sound Gay? (2014)

In this revered documentary that explores both self-doubt and internalized homophobia, filmmaker David Thorpe examines the stereotype of the “gay accent.” Featuring dialogues with figures like Dan Savage, Margaret Cho, David Sedaris, and George Takei, the film strives to understand what makes an effeminate voice sound so, well, gay. Throughout the film, Throrpe unravels the stigma surrounding femininity and gay masculinity, and creates a truly resonate movie stuffed with revelatory moments.

Is this question really still a thing? Ugh.

Effervescent Humor And Stunning Visuals in Tangerine (2015)

Director Sean Baker’s ‘Tangerine,’ which marked the industry as the first Oscar-nominated film that was entirely shot on an iPhone, chronicles transgender prostitutes Sin-Dee and Alexandra after their release from jail. The film, aside from being an honest depiction of the sex worker landscape for trans individuals, dives deep into trans identity, creating an unforced dialogue on the safety, health, and wellness of an oftentimes overlooked community.

‘Tangerine’ is killer. Equal parts funny and informative. Period.

Orange is the New Black: Seasons 1-4 Are Devastating, and Devastatingly Funny

Netflix original series Orange is the New Black has been credited with the budding resurgence of LGBTQ identities and narratives in media. Emulating the damaging pasts of incarcerated women, the show centers around the women’s turbulent pasts and the relationships they have strived to maintain, all after multiple personal setbacks. As one of the most prominent programs on TV right now, OITNB‘s increased presence of queer characters and stories for mainstream audiences has allowed for rapid social change within the industry and the public’s eye to take place.

OITNB S3 EP3004 7-21-14-475.CR2
OITNB continues to pave the way for LGBTQ narratives. Have you watched the new season and wept yet?

The Essential Campiness 0f, uh, Camp (2003)

Before the movie adaptation of Rent, queer kids went to Camp. Now mainly known as the birthplace of baby Anna Kendrick, the musical film follows a group of kids as they struggle to find their identity and look past their hometown bullies. The film juggles big issues, like students’ rights to attend dances, however they choose to identify or present. And, of course, the singing is fantastic–it’s a good enough reason for you to stream this gem. 

‘Camp’ is the realest documentation of pubescent musical theater kids. Like, ever.

Get A California Glow With The Kids Are All Right (2010)

This 2010 Oscar nominee features every single one of your Hollywood crushes–we’re looking at you: Mark Ruffalo, Josh Hutcherson, Zosia Mamet, and Julianne Moore. The film follows the children of same-sex parents as they become increasingly curious about (and eventually track down) the identity of their sperm-donor dad (Ruffalo). The storyline gets messy as the domesticity of the household gets riddled by Ruffalo, who happens to teach the family unit something remarkably real about love.

Get your tissues ready for this one.

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Images via Meta Critic, New York Times, LA Times, Vogue, OUT

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