We're currently puzzling out the clues of what's on Drake's upcoming album, 'Views From the 6.'



Everything You Need To Know About Drake's Upcoming Album

Drake‘s new album, Views From The 6, is coming out this Friday, April 29th. The rapper formerly known as Aubrey Graham has been consistently putting out hit albums every year (and while they’re wonderful, they increasingly sound like cries for help, no?). Now it’s relatively fresh 2016, and Drake is going to deliver once again. He’s been busy soothing our appetites with a couple of fun covers and an appearance on Rihanna‘s smash “Work,” but this Friday all eyes are going to be on the Views. Here is your guide to the tracks we know about, the album cover chaos, and the must-see memes.

For those who haven’t listened to any of the song leaks from VFT6 in an attempt to preserve their virgin ears for April 29th, here are the songs your friends are up to speed on. Drake released a few singles off the new album earlier this month, “One Dance” featuring WizKid and Kyla, and “Pop Style,” featuring Jay Z and Kanye West, aka The Throne. For obvious reasons, Jay Z could use the album release this Friday as a distraction from the Bey Hive.

An upcoming song, “Faithful” featuring Pimp C., will sample Amber Rose and most likely stir up some kind of trouble, so get your popcorn and restart your WiFi.

The track “Summer Sixteen,” which leaked way back in January, is also the title of Drake’s tour with Future, set for this summer. Tickets go on sale the same day of the album release–this Friday. BOOM.

The Views From The 6 album cover features an itty-bitty Drake sitting on top of the CN Tower in Toronto, the rapper’s homeland. It’s no Nicki Minaj Anaconda poster, but fans still found a way to get riled up over it. The internet felt the need to prove that Drake was not actually sitting on top of the CN Tower like an elf on the shelf- an 1,815 foot-tall shelf.

Then someone photoshopped the cover to make people believe the image was taken from Shutterstock.

When you search the Image ID on Shutterstock, the photo that pops up is really just a crinkled up piece of purple fabric. The cover was shot by Canadian photographer Caitlin Cronenberg, with art direction by Nicky Orenstein. If just the album cover is subject to such scrutiny, we can’t wait to see what fans do when the actual music comes out.

Thanks to the deep, dark, messed up internet, we also have these sinful memes. Enjoy a few as you wait for Friday to roll around!

#viewsfromthesix #6god 😂😂

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Stay tuned to Milk for more on Drake. Views from the 6 drops this Friday, April 29th.

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