Check out the bright, poppy band Tacocat. Dance under the backlight of your iPhone with Tacocat's newest single, "Talk"



Excellently-Named Band Tacocat Glows In The Dark In New Music Video

It’s not so much that pop-punk outfit Tacocat is interested in a ’90s revival—it’s more that they never left the ’90s. Their home base of Longview, Washington, is one of those towns that embraces its anachronisms, a place where Kyle MacLachlan could get lost in a cup of coffee. Growing up, drummer Lelah Maupin’s living room was adorned with 3D Magic Eye posters. Bassist Bree McKenna discovered riot grrrl through the dial-up days of Napster. Point is, they’ve got the decade down to a tee.

Tacocat's three leading ladies
Tacocat’s three leading ladies.

This academic appreciation of the ’90s informs Tacocat’s music, fashion, and videos. Take “Talk,” their latest single for their third album, Lost Time, which overlays a brooding track with an ultraviolet glare and a flurry of Lite-Brites. The video, directed by Marcy Stone-Francois, is a hypnotic throwback to our tie-dye days.

“Talk” is a stand-out track, too–a break from their more anthemic pop-punk sound. In an interview with Nylon, vocalist Emily Nokes described the track as “dark purple…with glitter in it.” It’s a song for the 2 AM afterglow, thumbing half-baked through Facebook notifications on the phone. Even while driving through the valley that divides the personal and impersonal, Tacocat assures us, with an aqua blue smile and glowy nails, that we’ll dancing and sing through it all. Bob and weave, bob and weave.

Images courtesy of Hardly Art, Tacocat.

Stay tuned to Milk for more grrrls.

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