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This Dystopian Photo Series Is Seriously Out Of This World [Exclusive]

When we first saw these eerie, unearthly photos, we were blown away. Created by Iranian artist Pouria Khojastehpay, the images come from two series: DOTSOAN, and the beginnings of a follow-up, NUSQUAM. DOTSAON is an abbreviation for Dreams Of The State Are Our Nightmares, and it was partially inspired by J.G. Ballard’s novel High-Rise. As Khojastehpay told us, “The title describes the story in short. It’s about a new dystopian world after a fallen totalitarian state, now remaining with nothing but concrete ruins left by mankind. With only the laws of the jungle, this place towards nowhere is developing and failing at the same time.”

While this work is totally captivating, the artist himself is no less fascinating. Born in Shiraz, Iran, Pouria spent most of his childhood in a refugee camp in the Netherlands. He eventually settled in the city of Eindhoven, where he lived in an asphalt-heavy, urban environment. The brutalist look of the city, along with dystopian novels by the likes of Philip K. Dick and George Orwell, heavily influence Khojastehpay’s work. His art also incorporates his Iranian background. As written on his website, “The bleak, gray atmosphere is what I feel Iran went through during and after the Islamic Revolution.”

DOTSAON and NUSQUAM include a forward written by Stan Zienka, a visual artist who serves as the creative director of Electronic Arts. Read on:

A view from the dark void 

‪Divine tangle of geometry and stone 

‪What fractured sense of place 

‪Diffused light breaks and spills 

‪Silted concrete facets worn by wind and sun 

‪Ambient sounds roll forth 

‪A fissure runs the length 

‪One inch on a wall or mile in a crevasse 

‪The difference is mute 

‪Time loops itself again 

‪A set point of inception and closure turns 

‪Dust shifts to form anew.

All images by Pouria Khojastehpay

Stay tuned to Milk for more post-apocalyptic art.

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