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Exclusive: Dakota Access Pipeline Protest Art Collab & a BTS Vid

2016 was the Earth’s hottest year on record (for the third year in a row), and if that doesn’t disturb you, it should—as fossil fuels continue to burn, and their extraction leads to further environmental damage, our planet suffers, often to an irreversible degree. Enter Jessica Jones: moved by the Dakota Access Pipeline protests, she was prompted to act—with the #MoveToRenewables movement and a multiple artist collaboration that is, in her own words, “raising awareness and inspiring conversation to co-create a sustainable energy future.”

“Breaking the fossil fuel addiction will take more people power than protesting against a pipeline—but what we wanted to do, and what the revolt against the Dakota Access Pipeline did was create conversation,” she says. “When awareness is raised—when we’re able to see the extent and effects of our lifestyle choices—then most of us are quick to ask what changes we can make. And that’s the key to a sustainable energy future—one person x 7/8/9 billion.”

This collaboration (check the exclusive photos shot by Hugo Arturi in the slideshow above) pulls together artists from all over the spectrum: a documentary filmmaker, a fashion model, a TV entertainer, and a Creative Director turned Reiki master, all coming together to raise awareness for the Standing Rock protest, DAPL, and beyond.

This initiative couldn’t come at a more important time—now that Trump has signed off on the DAPL (as of this morning), anti-pipeline activism and awareness is more important than ever. To sign against the DAPL and other fossil fuel developments, visit the #MoveToRenewables site. Plus, peep the BTS video (cinematography by Dane Brown) below, and stay tuned for the full video narrative, communicating the core message of the campaign, premiering exclusively on Milk on February 6.

Images courtesy of Hugo Arturi, Creative Direction by Jessica Jones

Stay tuned to Milk for more environmentally-conscious art we love.

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