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EXCLUSIVE: Duy Vo & Thao Bui's "Pigmented Complexion"

From Saigon to NYC, creative duo Duy Vo and Thao Bui have forged a path of otherworldly aesthetic in their wake. And now, in what could be considered the cornerstone project in their collective career, images of transcendental shimmer caught by seemingly impossible light are the culmination of the pair’s individual talents, proving greater than the sum of their parts.

Of “Pigmented Complexion” and models Olivia Burgess and Tatyana Cooper, Vo and Bui say, “These two young African American women, though contrasting in complexion, possess remarkable presence both in front and behind the camera…the photos from this shoot are meant to be intimate yet revealing. They should serve as a stark contrast to the unfortunate and tired “hypersexual jezebel” stereotype that black women have long endured.” Without further ado, check out the images in the slideshow above.

Photography: Duy Vo and Thao Bui

Models: Olivia Burgess (MSA NY) and Tatyana Cooper (Images Management)

Hair: Sergio Estrada

Makeup: Mika Omura

Stay tuned to Milk for more visual tales of unearthly beauty.

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