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Exclusive: Peep The Photos From Bosco's New "Castles" Vid

As if your Friday needed anything to make it better than it already is just for being a Friday, we bless thou with the recently released music video for “Castles” by musical and visual artist, BOSCO feat. St. Beauty. The dreamy video features the Savannah-born, Atlanta-raised member of our Milk fam dancing alongside her boos, crowned in blonde dreads and donning a voluptuous cloud of baby pink fur. In other words, the video is what anyone would imagine if prompted to close his or her eyes and visualize the word “fantasy.” The music video delivers sweet, indulgent pleasure to both your eyes and your ears through the symbiotic harmony that BOSCO creates between the disciplines of visual and audible art.

With everything so on point from the cinematography to the styling to the choreography, finding anything wrong with the master piece would just result in a disappointing, fruitless scavenger hunt. Demanding answers for how this beautiful creation was possibly conceived, we went straight to the source–BOSCO disclosed that “[The] ‘Castles’ concept was inspired from ever-changing relationships, whether professionally or romantically, while finding yourself and the sacrifices you have to make even when you don’t want to.” 

We’ve also managed to cop a few exclusive images from the music video so that you don’t have to pause it every 30 seconds to take a screenshot for your mood board. Check out the images in the gallery above and the whimsical video below.

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Images and video courtesy of BOSCO

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