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Exclusive: Peep These Film Noir-Inspired Street Style Shots [NYFW]

Fashion Week (and NYC, in general) is no stranger to glitz and glam, but that doesn’t mean subsequent NYFW coverage follows suit; to the contrary, it’s veritably the opposite type of scope we love the most—the realer, the better. Enter photographer Jeff Sutera: there’s nothing quite like a raw, honest picture of what’s going down, and that’s exactly what his latest batch of street style snaps delivers—an insider look like none other.

“Photos during fashion week of models, designers, and celebrities are often glamorized with nice flattering lighting,” Sutera says. “I thought I’d experiment with dramatic lighting instead—something you’d see in a film noir or classic horror film. While taking these photos I was trying to achieve strong bold shadows of my subject looming over them.”

Peep the exclusive photos above for a full visual recap, and keep an eye out for more coverage from inside NYFW.

Stay tuned to Milk for more visual diaries of NYFW.

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