Facebook Stats Show That A Lot Of Americans Came Out Last Year

America has recently gotten a whole lot gayer (according to Facebook, at least). Studies show that in the past year, the number of people who “came out” on Facebook has steadily risen. Not only have 800,000 Americans changed their profile to express a same-gender attraction or a custom gender identity this year, the daily number of people coming out has risen dramatically. The average number of people coming out per day on Facebook is now three times what is was a year ago.  Who knew so many people even changed their “interested in” status!

coming out1
Percentage of Americans coming out compared to National Coming Out Day of last year.

Unsurprisingly, June 26th, the day of the Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage, had the biggest impact on people publicly coming out –it was also probably the most popular day for everyone to give their profile pictures a rainbow filter. On the day of the decision, the stats for coming out was 2.5 times higher than it was on National Coming Out Day last year.

coming out2
Fans of pro-LGBT rights pages increased steadily this year.

All the coming out on Facebook is definitely a good sign for LGBT self-acceptance, and this year has also featured exponential increases in people “liking” LGBT rights pages. So maybe some acceptance is in the works? Surprisingly, at least according to Facebook, America has actually been getting better at something in the past year. So shout out America — maybe we’re not actually terrible at everything!

Stay tuned to Milk for updates.

[Images via Facebook]

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