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Fall Down the Rabbit Hole with NYC Art Collective Slather Factory

James Emmerman has your inside look at a night out with the most recognizable and unique faces in queer culture. In a quasi Alice in Wonderland fantasy world, Love Bailey, Sussi, and Harry Charlesworth of the New York-based art collective Slather Factory hold court. In an intimate, never-before-seen look at some of Fashion Week’s most notorious characters, MILK.XYZ has your all-access pass to a night of utter debauchery.

In the midst of NYFW, an intimate event unlike any other occurred in the private back room of a Chelsea restaurant. The secret, experimental dinner was hosted by Love Bailey, Sussi, and Harry Charlesworth of the New York-based art collective Slather Factory. The usual Slather goddesses and iconic queers were in attendance – a roster of prominent performers, nightlife queens, and visual artists of all mediums.

“Sometimes fashion week can lack purpose and meaning,” said Love Bailey, curator of the group. “With Mother Universe dying as we speak, it’s important for us to understand why we create. We want to foster a community of love and intimacy, and in a world where the man wants us to be alone, coming together in moments like these are an act of resistance.”

Bailey brought the dinner to order with poetic opening remarks before asking guests to write a positive mantra on the table which was shared at the evening’s end. For Bailey, who lives on the Savage Ranch in the desert south of Los Angeles, coming to New York also means reconnecting with her chosen family.

“When I started coming to New York, we had this ritual where we’d come together and cook Borscht,” said Bailey. “Naturally, this time around, we wanted to reconnect and share our stories.” 

Images & Words by James Emmerman
Hosted by Love Bailey, Sussi, and Harry Charlesworth of Slather Factory
Makeup Sponsored by Path McGrath Labs
Hair by Sean Bennett
Visual Projections by Drew Bolton
Sound Curation by Tyler Stone
Set Design by Saul-Yyvan Calvillo 
Wardrobe for Love Bailey by Maison The Faux

Stay tuned to Milk for more looks at fashion’s underground scene. 

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