Fall TV: Sexy Muppets, Insane Angels, And Grandpa John Stamos

It’s that season again — fall TV shows are coming back. Just like every year, there’s a slew of new shows to try out, and just like every year, most of them will be terrible. But we’re trying to stay positive! So for your enjoyment — or dissatisfaction — we’ve rounded up five shows that we’re going to try to watch, but will probably end up half-watching while scrolling through Tinder.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

A musical dramedy about following your ex of ten years across the country. Sounds inconceivable, doesn’t it? But that’s the premise of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. And it’s been getting positive buzz from tons of media outlets — mostly due to Rachel Bloom, internet star turned actress, who’s playing the titular character.


This show is basically just the TV equivalent of Googling John Stamos’s name and being shocked at how old he actually is (it’s 52, for those too lazy to check). Co-starring Drake & Josh actor turned our favorite person on Vine, Josh Peck, there’s enough star power to make us watch. We’re betting this is either a train wreck or delightfully campy. Or maybe just a Full House revamp?

Angel From Hell

Jane Lynch makes sense both as a crazy person, and as an angel. So she seems pretty perfectly suited for this role as someone who’s either an insane stalker, or a literal guardian angel following around Dr. Amy, a workaholic dermatologist still dealing with her mother’s death. Really, this show is only worth watching if you’re entertained by Jane Lynch. If you don’t like her, it’s probably not worth it.

The Muppets

The Muppets… for adults? We’re like halfway on board with this, but let’s be real — we need to stop talking about Muppet sex. If this show is too Muppet-sex heavy, we’re going to have to give up on our childhood dreams of figuring out who — what? — exactly these talking puppets are. 

The Real O’Neals

Usually, we’d avoid a typical family sitcom. But The Real O’Neals really seems to have promise. Instead of having a perfect goofy family going on perfect goofy adventures, the show is about how this seemingly perfect Irish Catholic family is just as fucked up as the rest of us! We appreciate the reassurance.

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