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FARR Is Merging The Soul of LA With The Electronic Energy of London

FARR is the next wave of new sounds, bringing together the soul of Los Angeles with the electronic energy of London. Milk sat down with Romeo and Linden, the faces behind FARR, to talk about their creative processes and dream collaborations with the Gorillaz. Roméo is based in Los Angeles and Linden in London, but despite the distance, the two have stayed connected by writing lyrics with the modern day help of voice notes and audio messages between studio sessions. As a result of their constant collaboration, we now have their latest single “Reversible”. Listen to the track below, and keep scrolling with our interview with the dynamic duo.

How did you two get involved with music? Tell us a little bit about each of your artistic backgrounds.

Romeo: I grew up playing instruments in a music loving family. I didn’t really sing till I was about 11, but that became what I spent most of my time doing soon after. My parents raised me on everything from Otis Redding to Ozomatli. I learned a lot.

Linden: My family wasn’t super musical growing up but my first gigs I ever did were as a drummer with my brother’s band when I was 14.. His drummer couldn’t make one rehearsal so I subbed in and ended up stealing the gig off him! I was completely obsessed with drums from the age of of 10-18 and somehow scored myself a scholarship to go to Berklee College of Music in Boston where studied for 9 months and then really badly hurt my back and couldn’t play drums much, so I basically became a producer by mistake.

How did the two of you meet? Describe to us the journey which lead to the duo FARR?

Romeo: We actually met in London at Linden’s studio. We had the session booked for us through our management, and I just showed up not really knowing where I was going or how the session was gonna turn out.

Linden: We actually wrote our first single “Down” in that session and in the few weeks after we met, made a load of music over whatsapp – Blades being one of those songs… Before FARR even existed.

With Romeo, being in Los Angeles, and Linden in London, what was the creative process like behind the newest single, “Reversible”?

Romeo: This one came about pretty randomly actually. I had started it at my studio in LA, and recorded the song in over this little vocal loop that’s still in the song. I sent it to Linden and thought nothing of it again.

Linden: We had the idea in progress for a while, I did all the production in London at my studio and Romeo did most of the writing in the states. We pieced together the last few things last summer while we were together in London, got some of our friends and Romeo’s little brother on backing vocals, extra guitar parts and horns. Considering how hard it can be sometimes to finish songs, this one seemed to come together pretty easily.

This song is powerful. At one point Romeo sings…

We been running in circles

But this ain’t nothing reversible

You’re distancing us

I’ve let go but still feel close

I thought this was all reversible

The more I see the less I know

I thought this was all reversible

What inspired this song?

Romeo: I think it’s about being in a relationship you thought was salvageable, but you’re doing all the work to try to fix it and it’s just not working. It’s hard to get through anything when people put up walls. Linden was also talking to this girl at the time and the lyrics in his part in the bridge we wrote about their situation. Also, shoutout to Lindens part, that’s my favorite part of the track.

FARR does well at combining sounds of electronic and soul—how would you describe the sound behind FARR?

Linden: Our influences are super varied, from old soul and reggae records to modern rap stuff and all sorts of electronic music. We just do our thing and stay true to our taste, that’s all we can do.

You’re going on tour soon—where can fans expect to see FARR perform “Reversible”?

Linden: We have three UK shows next month, with our main London show at Sebright Arms on Sept 6th. It’s looking like we’ll have some shows in USA end of the year or beginning of next year.

What’s next? When can we expect more music?

Linden: We have so much music to come… We’re really excited. This trip we’re finishing up all the tracks for our album – We have 8 tracks pretty much done at the moment.

Romeo – We’re really excited about the album yeah. We have songs coming out through next year, and we’re writing even more. Hoping we play tons of shows soon too.

Who is FARR’s dream collaboration?

Linden: Mr C The Slide Man – the guy who did the Cha Cha Slide tune. And then probably Gorillaz.

Stay tuned to Milk for more emerging artists. 

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