Fashion Killas: The Top Brands Mentioned In Rap Lyrics

Newly launched Macy’s site, M, just released an infographic to perfectly correlate rap lyrics and designer brands. In an extensive study — hours and hours of rap music — the data table takes lyrics spanning from Run DMC to A$AP Rocky, and tallies up all the brand names dropped. And we can’t say were too shocked. Hip-hop has always been about looking fresh 2 death — check out the awesome documentary Fresh Dressed for all the goods — and rappers love to shout out the fashions.

Number one on the list is Gucci (cue the Kreayshawn) followed by Nike, Prada, and Versace. We knew Biggie loved him some Moschino and Tupac knew that “it’s all about Versace” but now more than ever, the brands loom large large, lyrically speaking. Gucci has been dropped in over 1,000 songs in the past 20 years, and on 132 tracks in 2014 alone. From Gucci Mane — on a side note, check out his LinkedIn because it is perfection — to songs from Lil Wayne, Jay-Z and more, the brand has definitely been claimed beyond apparel.

Nike is also at the head of the pack, racking in 687 mentions on tracks from artists like Mac DreNelly, and Eminem. Back in 2002, after it got so hot in here and we took all our clothes off, don’t forget that we also drooled over Air Force One’s on the Nellyville album.

Take a peak at M for the full study and while you’re at it, a quick history of the designer-rap love affair.

Image of A$AP Rocky via Mr. Porter

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