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Fashion Week Images Like You've Never Seen Before [NYFW]

Our trusty photographer Andrew Boyle always delivers gorgeous images of Fashion Week, and we especially love it when he decides to mix it up. In the slideshow above, check out Boyle’s film images of various shows and presentations at MADE New York, shot on a special panoramic camera. Read on for his explanation of how these unique images came to light.

The series was shot on a 180 panoramic film camera called the Horizon 202, a Russian version of the more widely know Wide-Lux (first released in 1989), using a swinging lens that renders a field of view similar to the human eye. The Wide Lux is most notably made famous by actor Jeff Bridges, who has shot behind the scenes on all his films since 1971’s Last Picture Show, through to more recent titles like The Big Lebowski, Tron Legacy and Iron Man, resulting in a successful book and representation by The Rose Gallery.

The Horizon, and Wide-Lux’s uniqueness stems from effects that can’t be duplicated in-camera digitally. The swinging lens, on slower shutter speeds, can result in dual images across the frame (it takes up two 35mm frames) and unpredictable motion blurring in parts of the image. Where an iPhone will produce (rather intriguing) digital artifacts, plus the user having to physically move, the swinging lens and reaction of the film has an organic, unpredictable result. Shooting on 3200 Ilford film allowed compensation to the low light used backstage (higher apertures are needed for objects in closer in the frame to be rendered in focus) and a high grain image.

All photos shot by Andrew Boyle.

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