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NYFW Polaroids That Tell The Stories Behind The Scenes

Ah, NYFW. It was good while it lasted. But it’s basically over now, and all we have are the memories. And photos—lots and lots of photos. Longtime Milk favorite Andrew Boyle has been snapping bright, poppy portraits all week with a swaggy digital camera. But the dude is versatile! Here, we’re showcasing something a little different; some of Boyle’s most beautiful work, shot on black and white film with a Mamiya RB67 camera with a Polaroid back attachment. Boyle went into a bit more detail, telling us “I used Fuji FP3000B, a much loved black and white Polaroid, that was stupidly discontinued, despite the massive demand for the product. The only film left now is expired, and had to be sourced from outlets that [have] stock piled the film…The high ISO makes it extremely versatile under low light and has fine grain for the speed.”

In this series, check out pictures from behind the scenes at Chromat, Feng Chen Wang, Babyghost, Pyer Moss, and portraits of some our coolest collaborators, including MADE‘s Jenné Lombardo and Kelly Francis. But our favorite element might be the inclusion of Boyle’s own notes, a personal touch that really takes you inside Fashion Week. We can’t stop swiping through the slideshow. Peep the pics above.

Check out all of Andrew Boyle’s portraits from Fall/Winter ’16: Part 1, Part 2Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.

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