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Fashion Week Through The Lens of Artist Michael Bailey-Gates, Pt. 3

For the final installment of his photo diary, Michael Bailey-Gates descended into the catacombs of the MOMA PS1 to capture some shots before last night’s emotionally powerful Eckhaus Latta show. As fashion and art lovers struggled through the freezing sleet outside, Michael took his handmade camera through the halls underneath the museum to share some of his favorite moments of the night with Alexandra MarzellaMilk Makeup model Thistle Brownand more friends in various states of undress. It was an eclectic mix of young creatives hidden away among piles of ancient art.

The morning after, we caught up with Michael to congratulate him on the show and talk about what went down under the PS1 dome amidst the ice and sleet. One of the biggest departures for the artist and creative was the direction his look has taken this year in the show. Ditching the more traditionally masculine clothes that Zoe Latta and Mike Eckhaus have had him in for past seasons, he slipped into a skirt and brilliant coat—with a twist. “They put me in this amazing old carpet because all their fabrics are found or refurbished,” he explained over the phone at his studio. Wearing a carpet on a spiraling runway wasn’t the only wild experience he had last night, either. Michael had the distinct honor of being one of the four or five models picked to stare deep into the souls of audience members as he brushed past them. Despite all the deadpan stares, he was quick to share why he’s stayed committed to his friends’ brand throughout the seasons. “I think everything they do—their quirkiness or their idiosyncrasies—are unusually genuine.”

As Michael’s journey comes to an end, we feel confident in saying that, like his friends at Eckhaus Latta, the young artist’s portraits have shown the same level of authenticity and commitment.

Catch up with the first and second installments of Michael’s fashion week photo diary and stay tuned for more fashion week coverage.

 Images shot exclusively for Milk by Michael Bailey-Gates.

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