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1/9 — Me, early on February 11th. Milk Studios asked me to document some of my week on polaroids.



Fashion Week Through The Lens of Artist Michael Bailey-Gates, Pt. 1

For Michael Bailey-Gates, fashion week is a reunion. The artist and photographer used to spend his days running to castings and shows. But now he’s switched gears, celebrating the week by attending intimate art shows or catching up with old friends. For the first installment of his photo diary, Michael set out with his MacGyvered camera—a Pentax 67 with a Polaroid backing and on-camera flash—to capture a New York art scene far removed from runway shows and wild afterparties. A long day of meetings ended with “Really Wet,”  Alexandra Marzella’s emotional performance art piece at Chinatown’s MX Gallery. A lot of paint, some tears, and a supply of at least fifteen blunts passed out throughout the performance capped off the first night of Michael’s journey through fashion week.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Michael’s fashion week photo diary. 

Images shot exclusively for Milk by Michael Bailey-Gates.

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