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1/8 — -Left : I google how to spell ‘Gords’ and feel groggy -Right: wake up early to go over to Eckhaus Latta’s studio for a fitting and take photos of India Menuez.



Fashion Week Through The Lens of Artist Michael Bailey-Gates, Pt. 2

After spending the first installment of his photo diary catching up with friends and going to an intimate art show,  Michael Bailey-Gates decided it was time to add some fashion to his fashion week. The artist and creative spent the day jumping from fittings to photoshoots and brought along his customized camera to share it all with us.

An early morning led him to a meeting with his friends (and Chinatown neighbors) Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta. The trio have been friends for years so it’s natural that he’d be walking in the design duo’s Eckhaus Latta show tonight alongside some of his closest friends—one of the only shows he still commits to these days. After a quick fitting alongside India Menuez, Michael fought the icy cold to head back home and work on a photo series that may become the title of our autobiography: Cold Pot Head During Fashion Week. From there, he hopped around from shoot to shoot before a late night goodbye at India’s apartment for a quiet ending to another night of fashion week.

Check out the first installment of Michael’s fashion week photo diary and stay tuned for more. 

Images shot exclusively for Milk by Michael Bailey-Gates.

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