Let’s see how these DIY looks stacked up against the OG incarnations.



Fashion Week’s Most Bizarre Looks IRL

NYFW has come and gone, but we’re hanging on to a few favorites: namely Comme des Garçon and Moschino‘s radical RTW ensembles. Though they may not be entirely practical, one thing is certain: they’ve got envy-worthy down pat. And if there were ever two looks that screamed NYC freak from Fashion Week 2017, it’s these: Comme des Garçon’s laundry lint caterpillar cocoon and Moschino’s dry cleaning gown (replete with wire hanger bandeau and dangling grandpa’s sock coin purse).

Moschino’s dress appeals to the NYC It Girl who’s always on the go. If you’re in a bind and need to wear that LBD ASAP, just toss that plastic bag over your head and out you go (and don’t forget your wire hanger hat; this will keep you nice and toasty on those especially frigid evenings).

Comme Des Garçon’s dress speaks to the woman whose dream it is to look like a cocoon topped with a brillo pad. This look is exactly what Wilfred would wear if he lost his outfit and had to buy a new one on Etsy.

Since immediate purchase straight off the runway was not an option, I ventured to my own at-home atelier to fashion my own looks. Let’s see how they stacked up against the OG incarnations:For CDG’s inside-out sofa dress, I bunched up some grey felt from Michaels. To achieve the full broccoli florets-for-shoulder-pads effect, don’t forget to stuff your felts with pillows (who doesn’t want to look 15 pounds heavier?). And for that flouncy flourish, wrap a couple of trash bag bandeaus around your white sneaks. Done.

Let’s talk Moschino. What better way to do up dry cleaner chic than by going straight to the source? First, own a ball gown. Second, get it dry-cleaned. Third, toss on your ball gown with its cleaner bag attached and try not to get suffocated. For the finishing touches, slap that wire hanger around your dome for a hanger wire-bonnet moment. Now straighten out your ‘We <3 Our Customers’ bib for some show-stopping drama. I can’t wait to wear this look to Red Lobster and have all the butter drip all over the place.Images via Vogue Runway and courtesy of Caroline Solomon 

Stay tuned to Milk for more DIY fashion we love. 

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