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8 Of The Funniest Fashion Instagrams You Need To Follow

Fashion isn’t often thought of as a particularly humorous industry. In pop culture, it’s often painted as a dark cesspool of self-absorption, all Miranda Priestlys and Zoolanders, self-serious and superficial. And while yes, the industry does have its unsavory elements and its fair share of, er, idiots, through personal experience we’ve found that there’s a lot of genuine hilarity here. A lot of people who work in fashion are sharp and funny and have the ability to laugh at themselves (ahem)!

About last night..

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To succeed in the industry you do need to possess a certain amount of wit, and nowhere is said wit more on display than on fashion’s favorite app: Instagram. Even bigwigs like Marc Jacobs like to let loose and be silly here—remember his brilliant accidental nude selfie situation?

So we decided to compile the best accounts for having a laugh, cry, or a look at references to Jon-Benet Ramsay and ironic stills of Sex and the City. Here are our picks for the funniest Instagram accounts in fashion.

Michel Gaubert, @michelgaubert

Gaubert DJs the major Paris shows: Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld calls him a “sound stylist,” and the man is a fan of bangers. But we, and 187,000 other people, are massive fans of his Instagram account. Gaubert compiles massive amounts of archival photos, all of which manage to be beautiful, funny parodies of the fashion industry, or a mixture of both. He has an affinity for both vintage photos of weightlifters and the Kardashians; Mariah Carey and 1960s design. He posts incessantly, and is always entertaining.

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Bardia Zeinali, @bardiazeinali

Vogue staffer Bardia Zeinali’s account is a perfect mix of the irreverent, and an insider’s look at fashion’s biggest monolith—his Met Gala selfies were quite excellent. As are his captions (arguably the first to popularize “new phone who dis”) and his omnipresent baseball cap. We were recently filled with the opposite of schadenfreude when Zeinali got to meet Paris Hilton. Unsurprisingly, it was hot.


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Shan Huq, @shan.huq

Designer Shan Huq has already made waves for some hilarious garments–namely, a coat emblazoned with the gorgeous visage of Tila Tequila, reality star and Flat Earth Conspiracist. But his personal account is so, so funny. It’s filled with the weirdest images from dark corners of the internet. Follow if you want to inappropriately laugh out loud in a work meeting, as we just did.

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Hari Nef, @harinef

Hari Nef is a model/actress, a profession that generally doesn’t scream “lol.” But Nef is really witty, injecting humor (or at least a funny face) into even the various gorgeous photos she posts of herself. She also uses the app as a platform for her work as an advocate for transgender rights. In short, she’s solidly worth a follow.

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You’ve Got No Male is definitely a real person (he’s always around, bopping to Paul’s Baby Grand and Elvis Guesthouse and such) but we prefer to think of him as an anonymous meme factory. He makes internet magic out of New York activities like going to China Chalet or underage kids running to MoMA PS1, and we appreciate his love of stand-up comedy. Check out his “starter packs.”

@whitegirlfuccboi and I back at it again.

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Mel Ottenberg, @melzy917

Stylist Mel Ottenberg (who, besides for his famed partnership with Rihanna and boyfriend/Milk fav Adam Selman, counts Nef as a client) is amusing as hell. His account mixes archival imagery and pop culture references with his actual work, making for a simultaneously aesthetically pleasing and playful mix. We’re big fans of his selfies!


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Laura Hinman, @laurab1tch

Laura Hinman is a former Vogue staffer who currently works in production at CR Fashion Book and as a creative producer for skater Alex Olson’s clothing line, Bianca Chandon. Her sense of humor is kind of dark and fucked up, like if Voldemort got ahold of editing software. Hinman’s account is filled with videos that jump from horrifying leg tattoos to creepy crawly creatures to fashion shows; her stuff is always unexpected, always mildly horrifying, always funny.

all I long to b is male

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Gabriel Held, @gabriel_held

Labeled “the king of the throwback,” stylist and vintage dealer Gabriel Held may be the ultimate master of the careful mix of fashion, entertainment, memes, and #TBT images that make the perfect account. He shows love to everyone from Gaultier to Tori Spelling to Liberace, and mixes things up with his videos impersonating divas. You could get lost on his page for hours.

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Lead image by Kathryn Chadason

Stay tuned to Milk for more lol-zy Instas. 

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