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#FBF: David Cazso's European Summer of Nostalgia

David Cazso, creator of Novel Studios and member of the Milk fam, spent his summer bathed in European nostalgia. Check out his travel diary here, created exclusively for Milk.

I’m obsessed with the idea of a nostalgic summer all year round because it reminds me of being in love, going through break ups, walking in the rain and feeling the sun toasting your skin.

Most of my art and conceptual inspiration comes from my routine life. I’m fascinated by ordinary life, the rituals and repetition, mostly because I think it allows space for chaos and unpredictable moments.

I lost my phone halfway through a trip—forcing me to rely on my dyslexic brain for navigating around the streets of Paris, London and Spain. Don’t get me wrong, traveling in 2018 without a smartphone has its downfalls, but every day without my phone provided a different perspective and a new lens for ordinary experiences—a smile from an elderly woman taking a drag from a cigarette, sipping her espresso and petting her Great Dane to the empty bottles of wine lined up along the kitchen sink.

I captured unexpected moments and feels, sunsets, places where I ate and drank, and people that I love and care about. And I used the camera like I use my phone for some good selfies.

Through the years I have learned how to travel with simplicity, steering clear of the crowded and touristy places. Instead I would spend a day in a kitschy book store and explore art galleries and architectural spaces I’ve seen in books or magazines.

Most people travel to check off a box on their list. I travel to find magic in the mundane. I spent most of my mornings in Europe reading, drinking several cortados, and making art.

The majority of my art consists of drawing people’s eyes and faces. It helps me to connect with them on a different level. Some people think eyes are the window of the soul, and I also believe that sentiment. Eyes can tell you what words cannot: pain, mystery, love.

When feeling sad or happy at home, I often taken long walks to cure my internal distress or to contemplate; regardless of the situation, it always brings me back to my sense of wonder. Walking streets, canals and beaches for hours while in Europe brought a similar feeling of comfort and familiarity. It’s funny how you can travel halfway across the world and still enjoy the simple things in life.

Images courtesy of David Cazso 

Stay tuned to Milk for more travel diaries.

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