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1/48 — Guests at Social Studies NYC's Bookspace



#FBF: Social Studies New York Took Over Milk Gallery

Reporting live from Social Studies HQ, AKA Milk Gallery, fam Zoe Kidwell took us on a ride through the setup on Instagram stories all weekend. Now, we’ve got a fresh gallery of images from fam Josh Aronson and a quick writeup on what went down. Check it out below. 

I spent the at weekend Social Studies New York running from Milk Gallery on the first floor to our 8th floor penthouse, capturing all the magic happening in those two spaces. When you first walked into the gallery, you were met with clothes hanging from the ceiling and many unique installations from New York-based clothing brands. In this space, you could shop around, take pictures, and meet people from the various brands. Also housed in the gallery space was a place for conversation and panels – topics ranged from business to fashion to social issues. In the penthouse, there were a series of workshops happening – the workshops were put on by brands like Nike, Timberland, The Northface and Levis. In each one of these sessions, kids from all over the community got the chance to customize pieces from the brand partners. They used techniques like silk-screening, heat pressing, painting, and more. There was such a positive, creative energy all weekend. Social Studies and Milk have a shared commitment to supporting young creatives, and it was great to see our communities come together IRL.

Images courtesy of Josh Aronson

Stay tuned to Milk for more from inside Milk HQ.

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