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1/35 — Patrick Church (@patrickchurchnyc) outside his apartment in Bed-Stuy.



#FBF: The Next Generation of Authority on NYFW Street Style

In the midst of fashion month, we wrote about why NYFW is dead—and we’re not backing down from that declaration. With that said, it’s become a mission of sorts to get to the source of where style is actually emerging from; not the runways, but rather, the streets. We sent photographer Emily Lipson out to spot some of fashion subculture’s best and brightest new faces, with camera in hand to capture how they’re dressing, what elements of style they prioritize, and where they see fashion headed next (according to their fire fits, of course). Check the slideshow above for a full visual recap of street style, reimagined.

Images courtesy of Emily Lipson; additional photography by Evadne Gonzalez (see slideshow)

Stay tuned to Milk for more subversive fashion.

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