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1/9 — Björk's Rottlace 3D-printed mask, 2016. Photo by Santiago Felipe.



Feast Your Eyes On Björk's Most Jaw-Dropping + Eccentric Outfits

Last month, legendary musician Björk performed the world’s first virtual reality and 360-degree live streamed concert while adorned in a hairy black and white mask that was created by a 3D printer. It’s rumored that she’s a regular visitor to Williamsburg gay bar Metropolitan, and now it’s clear that she’s mask4mask (sorry, we couldn’t resist). This wasn’t Björk’s first foray into masks, of course. Over her nearly thirty year-long career, she’s worn enough to put Zorro and 1994-era Jim Carrey to shame.

The singer has commissioned a set of the 3D-printed masks for her upcoming shows to match the one she wore in June. They’re fittingly called Rottlace, or “skinless” in Icelandic, and were created by professor Neri Oxman at MIT’s Mediated Matter lab. “I am so incredibly blown away by Neri Oxman’s work and excited to finally work with her,” Björk said of the partnership. “She is a true pioneer in capturing the biological with 3D printing in such a refined and profound way. It’s been a real joy to get to know her!”

As we prepare our bodies and souls for the masks that she’ll unveil at her shows, we looked back on some of the most outlandish outfits she’s ever worn–and then realized she hasn’t worn a “normal” outfit in decades. Here’s some of the most eccentric looks she’s served up over the years.

Stay tuned to Milk for more masks. 

Images via Santiago Felipe, Steven Klein, The Austin Chronicle, Tumblr, Sam Falls, Zach Klein, Jim Dyson, and Carsten Windhorst.

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