Feel A Whole New Kind of Bern with the Bernie Bowl

America’s lovable, Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders has a lot going for him right now besides the undying support of his voters. He’s got his own ice cream flavor à la Ben of Ben & Jerry’s called Bernie’s Yearning, his own action figure, and his own dating website ( But that doesn’t mean he has it all—UNTIL NOW.


Now you can really feel the bern with your very own Bernie Bowl. Artist Ariel Zimman, who made these dank bowls, wanted to show her support for Sanders’ campaign and his take on drug policy seemed to fit right in with her designs . You can buy a chillum or a pipe that each feature the Bernie campaign logo. Ten percent of the proceeds from the Bernie Bowl were donated to Sanders’ campaign. Zimman has already reached the maximum legal donation, so the remaining funds will go to charities that focus on supporting girls and women in STEM. Get high in support of your ganja-friendly presidential candidate. Or just get high. Up to you.

Art by Kathryn Chadason. 

Stay tuned to Milk for more, alternate ways to Bern. 

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