Feel the Love in Tyler The Creator's New “Perfect” Video

Tyler the Creator’s new video is so dreamy. It opens with French credits introducing his new song, “Perfect,” along with its featured artists, as well as the 2015 album it appears on, Cherry Bomb. On the album, “Perfect” is technically part II of “Fucking Young/Perfect,” and is one of a few of the album’s slow songs.

In the video, Tyler and Kali Uchis make a lovey-dovey duo, appearing side-by-side, each with different pastel backdrops and awash in an Instagram filter I can’t quite put my finger on. If you’re a Tyler fan, or have seen any of his videos, this one strays from his usual freaky-creepy theme. I can never un-see Tyler eating a gigantic cockroach in his music video “Yonkers.”

Sunflowers surround Uchis as she sings the sultry lullaby of romantic melodies. Maybe Tyler’s feeling the love, maybe he’s not, but his eye roll around 35 seconds in is glorious. The Slow Hollows frontrunner and certified cutie pie, Austin Feinstein, comes in at the end on guitar as Tyler shoots us a smooth look that’s part seduction and part a little bit dead inside. Both Tyler and Feinstein are sporting pieces from Tyler’s clothing line, Golf Wang—and, unrelated, I’d very much like to know more about whatever it is that Tyler is all slathered up in.

This video is a surreal departure from Tyler’s usual aggressive side. It highlights his sensitivity and, to be honest, we’re feeling it.

Rumors are surfacing that Tyler is will be featured on Kanye West’s new album, Waves, scheduled to drop February 11th.

Photo courtesy of This is Year One.

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