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Feng Chen Wang Made The Perfect Collection For The Internet Age

Skydiving may be a source of perpetual anxiety for some, but for Feng Chen Wang, it seems like a source of inspiration—design inspiration, to be more precise. For her SS17 men’s collection, which she showed yesterday at a party-like presentation at VFiles, the Chinese designer (who is based in London, but loooooves New York) doled out several iterations of what looked like parachute clothing. Fashioned almost entirely out of nylon, with drawstrings coming out of every which way, the collection brought us oversized trenches, upside and backwards hoodies, tracksuit looking zip-ups, and pants that you’d want to roll around naked in.

“I think that I really want people to feel free,” said Wang. “Whenever they think about this collection they can think about it in that way. Even if I design for menswear, even if you’re a girl, older, younger, anybody can wear it.”

According to the show notes, her intended theme was that of “meeting, of connection and of connectivity.” Hence the cables that looped in and out of the garments, some used for the purpose of drawstrings, others used to hold together garments, and still others for mere embellishment. One vest was made entirely out of nylon pockets, held together by these cables. Garments featured the words “YOU” and “WE” proudly emblazoned across chests and down arms, emphasizing “something of aloneness and togetherness.” Between the gender neutral looks, the technological influence, and the exacting structure of the pieces, Wang’s collection was absolutely perfect for the internet age. It’s clear why, after only a few seasons, she’s already been shortlisted for the LVMH prize.

Stay tuned to Milk for more from NYFW: Men’s. Check out our last show recap, from Gypsy Sport.

All photos shot exclusively for Milk by Andrew Boyle.

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