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Feng Chen Wang Will Have You Geared Up For Combat

Beijing born and NYC based designer Feng Chen Wang presented a collection today with MADE Fashion Week that could only be described as fight or flight. Models were lined up in formation, in three lines, and, like wild animals in the Serengeti right before a storm is about to erupt, were all faced in the same direction.

The show’s set was peppered with mirrors and TV screens displaying the show in what appeared to be real time, and the entire effect was unmistakably meta. As for the Fall/Winter ’16 collection, it was brimming with outfits that recalled combat. Backpack straps and drawstrings were hanging from jackets and in abundance. There were sweatpants in multiple iterations, as well as inflated and structured puffer coats that were practically indistinguishable from rolled up sleeping bags. Jackets were intertwined with backpacks, the shoes were essentially done-up cast boots, and long windbreakers came in ambulance red—a rather apt description for a designer who has, in previous collections, incorporated organs and incisions into her clothes.

And of course, no VFiles approved designer would be complete without a flight jacket or two, and Cheng’s renditions were more structured and Hulkier than usual. These were clothes that could only be made by a professionally trained designer—and guaranteed fuccboi bait.

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