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1/12 — Amelia Rami at Area



Find Out What Models Are Snacking On Backstage [NYFW]

Fashion week goes a bit like this: you barely sleep, you’re up early, out late, and rushing from show to show in a dreamlike haze of exhaustion. But that’s because we’re not models, who, even though they’re running from castings to gigs to parties, get to chill pre-show in hair and makeup in a brief moment of bliss. And, if you’re anything like us, then you find this to be one of the more fascinating (and rather intimate) settings in which to observe models backstage. During the first leg of fashion week, we sent photographer Marie Tomanova to find out what exactly models were doing before the onslaught of runway chaos, and to our slight surprise we found they actually spend a lot of their time eating (albeit apples and gum). Models, they’re just like… us?

Stay tuned to Milk for more on how models pass the time before they strut.

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