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FIT's New Denim Exhibit Declares Mom Jeans Are Over

Bad news Aunt Brenda and every barista in Bushwick – mom jeans are dead. The Museum and FIT’s newest exhibit, “Denim: Fashion’s Frontier,” will take a look at the everyman fabric throughout the ages, starting with it’s humble beginnings as Levi’s workwear  up to its haute couture inception. It will include everything from an early denim jean prototype made in the 1800’s to your very own pair of Rag & Bone capris.  There will even be avant garde reworkings by glamour houses like Comme des Garçon.

But sadly, “mom jeans” don’t make the list. Bummer.

The exhibit opens December 1st, just in time for the holidays. So when your aunt makes that awkward wintertime visit to come “see all pretty trees,” suddenly, organically, name drop the exhibit. Let her eyes melt at the sheer beauty of well designed appliqués. Let her reach out to touch that shimmering brass fastener, and then – with a firm but gentle hand – steer her away before the security guard notices. Inspire her to do better. And when that single tear rolls down her face, know that you have done some good in this world.

Catch the “Denim: Fashion’s Frontier” exhibit in the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC from December 1, 2015 May 7, 2016

Photos via the Museum at FIT

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