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5 Occasions That Are Perfect For Rocking The New Moschino Collection

Moschino‘s Fall/Winter ’16 show at Milan Fashion Week was fire, literally. The collection includes burnt ball gowns, new takes on the Canadian tuxedo, and even a wearable chandelier. Jeremy Scott never ceases to amaze us. However, with such an eccentric collection, one might wonder when they could actually wear it. Well, now we have answers. Here are some occasions for donning a new Moschino splurge.

Your Arch Nemesis’ Quinceañera

You’re only at your frenemy’s quinceañera because your parents made you go, so you’ve dressed to kill and you’re letting everybody know. You will literally set flames to the dance floor in a gown that seems to look like it’s already burnt–probably from you practicing your fire moves on the way there. It’s literally lit. This caliente look will demand the attention you deserve, redefining the red dress flamenco dancer emoji as we know it.

Looks like the ballroom caught fire.
Looks like the ballroom caught fire.

An L.A. Hoedown

This outfit is exactly what Dolly Parton would be rocking in a modern Beverly Hillbillies remake. In fact, Parton herself probably has this look hanging in her closet; she was the muse for Jeremy Scott’s own Fall/Winter ’16 show. You could wear this outfit if you were invited to an Los Angeles hoedown, probably hosted by none other than Miley Cyrus, who’s also Parton’s goddaughter. Do you think they’d be #twinning?

Moonshine martini, please?
Moonshine martini, please?

A Madonna Concert

Wouldn’t this have been perfect for Desperately Seeking Susan? The poofy, girly dress paired with the leather BDSMesque strapped belts totally channels your inner queen of pop. Maybe Madge will even pull you onstage to sing a duet with her after spotting you in the crowd and loving your outfit. A girl can dream.

Bitch I’m Madonna… or at least I’m dressed like her.
Bitch I’m Madonna… or at least I’m dressed like her.

A High School Reunion With Your BFF, Romy & Michelle Style

Who really wants to go those awful things? Well, now you do, because you and your best friend have coordinated hot matching Moschino ensembles, perfect for showing your basic former classmates what the evolution of a true boss bitch looks like. Plus, you’ve added a tiara to accessorize. Did you win homecoming queen in high school? No. But you are winning at life.

You can't sit with us.
You can’t sit with us.

Your Ex’s Wedding

You were the light of his life, so you better remind him. What better way is there than to dress as an actual chandelier? You’ll shine bright like a diamond (actually Swarovski crystals and candles, but we’ll run with the reference). The invitation said black tie, so you’re technically still sticking to the theme with this couture gown, right? Slay, bitch.

Don’t swing from the chandelier- be the chandelier.
Don’t swing from the chandelier- be the chandelier.

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All photos shot exclusively for Milk by Sonny Vandevelde

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