Leanne Macomber of Young Ejecta and The Girdles.



Five Side Projects Of Bands You Already Love

Nowadays, it seems like every good band has some sort of side project attached to it. From supergroups like the Franz Ferdinand and Sparks collab FFS to Thom Yorke’s Atoms for Peace, the side project is alive and well. And it makes sense. After working with the same people for years, switching it up seems like a logical next step, especially when artists want to work on weird or crazy shit that they don’t want under their current moniker.

To help out with your musical wants and needs, we rounded up five side projects from bands you’re already listening to.


If you’ve ever listened to modern blues music, you’ve listened to the voice of Brittany Howard from the Alabama Shakes. In her side project, Thunderbitch, she really lets her voice soar. A bit harder than the more folk-than-rock vibes of the Alabama Shakes, this side project showcases the wilder side of Howard. And how you can hate a project with a name like that?


The National is one of those bands you can listen to with your mom, but frontman Matt Berninger’s side project EL VY might not be. And we mean that in the best possible way. A little less safe, a little more gritty: it’s exactly what a side project should be.

Diane Coffee

In 2013, Foxygen released We Are The 21st Century The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic, and suddenly every college kid was lying and saying that they had heard their first album, Take The Kids Off Broadway. But that same year, Foxygen drummer Shaun Fleming started his side project Diane Coffee. A little lighter and more confessional, it’s a good foil to the undeniable vibes of Foxygen.


If we’re talking about side projects being an outlet for weird, it’s impossible not to mention Sexwitch. A collaboration between Bat For Lashes frontwoman Natasha Khan and the band Toy, their album is covers of old pysch rock and folk songs from Iran, Morocco, Thailand and the United States. Hypnotic and bass heavy, the tracks are nothing like Bat For Lashes’ heart-wrenching vocals.

The Girdles

This is like a double side project, as it comes from Leanne Macomber, former member of Neon Indian and currently of Young Ejecta. Less produced and more innocent-feeling than any project she’s been involved in before, The Girdles is the kind of diaristic pop music that you love to listen to while saying “same” at the lyrics.

Photos via Oliver Primus. 

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