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Flared Up and Ready to Dance at Beaufille [NYFW]

Even though Beaufille is a pretty new brand, at this point in the line’s existence (which is helmed by Toronto-based sisters Chloé and Parris Gordon) it’s pretty much a given that their collections will hit the mark— and their SS17 presentation for MADE New York was no different. With killer music seducing the crowd, the designs lived somewhere between a Fellini woman and an aquatic goddess. “Last season it was very dark and neutral, and I guess a little safer,” Chloé told us. “So we just kind of wanted to turn up the volume…quite literally! With the ruffles and even bigger flares this season, we were kind of just feeling a bit more like playful.” Parris agreed, saying, “It was just about taking our girl to another level where she’s taking more risks and having more fun.”

“I think we’ve said fun maybe 20 times,” joked Parris. But it’s clear why they keep coming back to that word; the Beaufille girl is fun, and effortlessly so. Models were fresh faced and wore simple buns (that probably take an hour to replicate, but alas) and the entire thing made us want to jump into the ocean and dance to Diana Ross. Chloe put it best, saying, “With the Beaufille girl, we’re always trying to make clothes that she can easily slip into her everyday wardrobe, that she can wear to work, feel fashionable, feel different but not take it too far so that she feels she’s in a costume or something too out there. I think the goal is to wear it anywhere.” With an immaculate and romantic collection, we’re hoping to save up enough money so that we can wear Beaufille anywhere and everywhere.

The Surreal Soundtrack…

Was a killer alt mix from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, including Blondie, The Waitresses, and The Pretenders. For a collection that was hyper-femme, the soundtrack was grunge to the max, providing a perfect contrast.

The Look Lowdown…

“We looked at this landscape artist Robert Marks, who’s Brazilian, and we were really captivated by the fact that he could remain modern and clean in his work but then have so much color and playfulness.” Chloe told us. “We kind of just wanted to bring that energy into our collection.”


Adding To Our Shopping Lists…

Both flared pant suits; one in dark denim, the other in white. Not to play favorites, but that white suit would make us feel like a combination between a flamenco dancer and Bianca Jagger… which is how we always want to feel.

Can’t Wait to Wear This…

While having dinner in our Italian seaside villa. All ingredients will come from our farm, wine will come from our vineyard, and guests will be coming from all corners of the world. Also, in our fantasy cigarettes are healthy, so we’re chain-smoking over endless cocktails.

All in the Family…

As anyone with a sibling knows, it’s the best and the worst of both worlds, but Chloe and Parris Gordon have nothing but good things to say about being sisters, bffs, and partners. “There’s loyalty, there’s history, we know each other inside and outside, we know what each other’s thinking, we have the same standards, the same aesthetics, it’s comfortable,” said Parris when I asked what it’s like to work together. “It’s your best friend and someone that’s half your brain. It’s awesome!”

Photos by Andrew Boyle

Gifs by Bonnie Wang.

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