Flying Lotus' Short Film Will Take You Across The Universe

Breaking up is hard to do. Breaking up is really hard to do if it’s with yourself. That’s the idea behind director Eddie Alcazar’s short film FUCKKKYOUUU. The film is a non-linear dream set to a soundtrack of static shrieks and electric pops composed by Flying Lotus. At first glance the stunning imagery inside the film, that at times looks like it could have been cut from a Chris Cunningham music video, may just look like a jumbled mess of monsters and space sex, but there’s a real story living inside this cacophony of black and white nightmares.

“I had this idea I wanted to explore about time travel and what it would be like if you traveled back in time, fell in love with yourself, and then the relationship for whatever reason fell apart and what dealing with that rejection would be like,” Eddie said at the film’s Sundance premiere. “I also wanted to think of the idea of time travel as not something that you actually do, but something you could put inside of yourself; like a drug that you take that [takes you back] within yourself.”

flying lotus
(L) Flying Lotus. (R) Eddie Alcazar.

Eddie went on to explain how the monster in the film, which looks like something cut straight from a Troma Pictures flick or an old 1920’s Frankenstein, is a byproduct of that beautiful relationship gone wrong, and the longing one partner has for the other–which seems to lead to the monster’s addiction to time travel.

The more you think about the concept, the more radical and interesting it gets. Which makes me very excited for the currently untitled full length feature that Alcazar is currently in the process of writing; it deals with travel between multiple universes versus blips on a time line.

“The possibilities are endless because the amount of universes are endless. At this moment this same conversation could be happening in the exact same way or nearly the exact same way. Like, in some other universe maybe the police sirens are going crazy behind you instead of me,” said Alcazar.

“Or maybe this conversation is being had by two cats,” I joke.“Exactly!” he said. “Everything you could imagine is happening somewhere in some universe.” We clearly went pretty deep.

Beyond FUCKKKYOUUU’s beauty and scientific theory, the score of the film is an intensely haunting composition that moves the film out of this world and into its own dimension. Although this is not Flying Lotus’ first time scoring a film, this is a deeper dive into the pool for him as a composer. FlyLo approached the project from a more classical film score perspective, rather than that of a DJ making beat-heavy background music.

Stay tuned to Milk to travel across more universes.

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