"This year is the story of a loading screen, an artist in progress."



Follow Androu's Evolution In "A Building Year"

Designer and musician, Androu, has challenged himself to be truthful in 2019. For this coming year, he will be working on writing and releasing one song each week through a project titled, “A Building Year.”

Androu developed the project as an opportunity to merge his story and artistry. He referred to his influences such as Kanye, Bon Iver, and Maggie Rogers for insight into using personal experiences as a platform for individuality. Because the project will become a documentation of his life, he accepts, “I have no other option than to just be honest; about myself and what’s happening in that moment.” Bottom line, Androu is holding himself accountable to solidify and strengthen his developing identity as an artist.

A “Building Year” will not only be the result of his determination, but also a culmination of his skills. By taking control of all visual language for the project, Androu’s designs “tie all of these very different songs together into one cohesive body of work.” Typically, albums released by record labels have entire teams behind them. On the other hand, the DIY internet era pushes artists to be responsible for more than just the music.

Androu will test his writing, design, and consistency, but, above all, he hopes the project becomes a documentation of personal growth. He wants to steer clear of dwelling on the past and hopes, “to end this year in a better place than I started.” Perhaps Androu will somehow highlight the top songs from the project at the end of 2019we’re looking forward to the year’s evolution.

Photo courtesy of Savannah White

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