To help you make like Chanel SS17 and go full robot this Halloween, we outlined the different beauty steps you'll need to take.



For Halloween, Take a tip from Chanel & Go Full Robot

Karl Lagerfeld always knows best, and for his SS17 Chanel collection he flexed this skill in full form. Included in the retro-futuristic collection were accessories featuring LED lights and VR headsets that looked like Daft Punk‘s helmets, if they had been given a black and white makeover. Which had us thinking—namely, about how we could turn this look into a Halloween costume. Below, we outlined the steps you’ll need to take to go harder, faster, and stronger this Halloween, just as Chanel intended. 

Icy White Glossed Face

Fake the plastic skin of a robot with overly dewy skin. Pile on as much moisturizer as you can afford, and if that doesn’t work, layer some face oil on top of that. We saw this ultra clean and glossy look by Val Garland at Anya Hindmarch’s futuristic SS17 show—we know what we’re talking about. Just make sure your hair is slicked back and kept hidden and in place by a head bandage or latex shower cap. 


Graphic and Exaggerated Features

For this look, you’re going to want to draw inspiration from Thierry Mugler’s FW95 couture show, titled “Le Cirque.” Create sharp eyebrows with both pencil and brow gel, draw on some heavily winged eyeliner, and tie up your hair into an oversized bun (or else leave it wet and shrouded beneath a gelatin wrap). Then for the final, lip-plumping touch, layer on as much Vaseline as humanly possible. 


Silver/Glitter Junkie

To get that E.T. look, apply highlighter all over your face. Play with the “Mod Goddess” style from the ’60s, and the work of Paco Rabanne. Go for the sort of glittered eyebrows and eyeliner that we saw at Margiela‘s SS17 show. Finally, pair it with a metallic cat eye and an ice blonde, voluminous and heavily permed wig—the type that’ll block everyone’s view.


Go Full Foil

Think not of the cracked foil you get with your takeout, but rather of shiny, metallic surfaces. To fake metallic spare parts, layer silver paint onto your face, neck and shoulder area in a smooth, fluid motion. Extra points (and probably paper towels) if you let it drip down as if the metal melted in outlandish temperatures.


Geode Lips

Geology, earth treasures, and catastrophes can all land on your lips if you try hard enough. Make like your face is on the verge of a volcanic eruption, and go for NY-based pro Johannah Adams’ and her “geode lips.” A mixture of heavy glitter, lip color and gloss, it looks sort of like what might happen if an amethyst crystal exploded on your face. 


Star Trek and MAC

To celebrate the return of the long-forgotten Star Trek (on NBC in May 2017), we urge you to take a tip from beauty vlogger Chrisspy and turn your face into that of Seven of Nine using MAC’s new collection Star Trek products. 

Images via InStyle, Pinterest, Elle Canada, New York Magazine, and Bustle.

Stay tuned to Milk for more kooky Halloween ideas. 

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