Gird your loins: Fashion Week is upon us.



Four Top Secret Trends to Follow This NYFW

New York is the city that never sleeps—on trends, that is. This is especially true during Fashion Week, when said trends are shaken up, stirred and reinvented time and time again, leaving people clamoring to keep up. Can’t handle the pressure? Lucky for you, there’s no need to do an entire wardrobe overhaul, because Milk’s done our due diligence in scouring the scene for the crème de la crème of new fashion crazes. Never heard of them? That’s just because they’re so damn exclusive. Read on for our exclusive NYFW intel.

1. Candy Bracelets

Trends come about in a cyclical fashion. Know what else is is cyclical? Circles, or as we call them, bracelets. This year, it’s all about candy bracelets. Also, life in general, hence cycling back to the days of candy-laden diets. NYFW is nonstop, and so is your body’s digestive track. Running late to a show and no time for lunch? Candy bracelet. Waiting to get into a party that you’re not on the list for and want to look cool/busy? Eat your candy bracelet. Ah, where sustenance meets style. 

Candy Bracelet1

2. Intern Throne

NYFW isn’t the time to fly under the radar. Make your entrance known with this portable throne. What’s the point of walking all over New York from show to show if you just end up in the front row each time anyway? You don’t need to sweat out your blowout. Weed out your dedicated interns from the rest by having them get you from place to place in a chic human-transported chair. You’ll show up to every event feeling fresh as hell. And since you’ll be avoiding rush hour, you might even be on time. This could be you:


3. Wigs

People often say “just be yourself.” Those people don’t work in fashion. Disguising yourself as someone else is crucial during NYFW, especially if you might be bumping into that one industry frenemy you hoped to never see again. Or if you’re trying to go back to that Jeremy Scott party where, last season, you drunkenly ruined your reputation. Some people wear wigs for the sake of fashion. Some wear them as disguises so that they can do some shady shit. This season’s all about falling somewhere in the middle. 


4. Dry Erase Protest Sign


Staring at screens is getting so passé. Stop writing things down in your phone and get up to date with a neat mini dry erase board. Tired of waiting 24 hours for Snapchat to delete your posts? One can erase messages from the dry erase board at any time. Get caught up in the middle of a protest? Here’s your sign. This is the fashion-forward communication device of the future.

Stay tuned to Milk for more essential NYFW trend forecasting.

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