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#FreeThePeriod W/ This Amazing Pro-Flow Jewelry Collection

There’s something incredible and truly otherworldly about the fact that only a portion of humans can bleed for a week straight (give or take) and not die. Maybe it was jealousy of this vampiric trait that made men create an entire industry based around shaming Aunt Flow rather than celebrating her. Whatever the reason may have been for showing pads and tampons dipped in sterile looking blue liquids as opposed to something a little more realistic (who’s actually gonna believe that our menstrual fluid looks like a dumped-out bottle of Windex?), we’re glad to see that after years of having to be ashamed of one of the craziest feats of the human body, we’ve begun to put it on the forefront instead.

Take some of the pro-period stuff that’s happened this year alone. Kiran Gandhi let that flow run free when running the London marathon in order to de-stigmatize menstruation and raise awareness for women who don’t have access to female care. Rupi Kaur took a stand against the prudish Instagram ‘rules’ that removed media she had shared, which showed period stains and other menses-based truths. Thinx, the company that has given us pro-period underwear (and also the first company to be inclusive of trans-men and menstruation) similarly faced fire for having ads that shared ‘graphic’ info on the truth about ‘sheddings of the uterine lining.’

And aside from fighting against censorship, it’s also exciting to see menstruation is getting an aesthetic appreciation with its own line of jewelry. Lili Murphy-Johnson, a 22 year-old artist and recent graduate of the University of the Arts London, has created a breathtaking jewelry collection that includes period stain embroidery, pad rings, and tampon charm bracelets. As she told Broadly, “Periods should be a normal thing to talk about, but so often we feel embarrassed…[I want] to show people that periods can be beautiful.” Murphy-Johnson also shares that getting her work out there hasn’t been that easy, with Etsy taking down some of her period-collection pieces, similar to other pro-period activists’ work.

The collection speaks for itself. As for us – we’ll be adding some pieces to our Holiday gift list. Nothing says true friendship quite like matching tampon bracelets to celebrate your matching cycles. Here’s to a happier and freer flow.

Blessing you with a happy time of the month :)

Photos via Lili Murphy-Johnson’s website

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