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From 6 Gods to Bieber, These Super Bowl Ads Bring the Oddity

Every year, families and friends gather around TV screens to watch the biggest entertainment event of the year: Super Bowl commercials. As much as we love watching a ball get thrown around by buff men, it’s what happens between touchdowns and fourth down nail biters that truly sticks with us. With the big game coming up fast this Sunday, certain advertisers have started the hype train early and are currently releasing their ads to the Internet. Among them are two truly bizarre ones featuring your fav 6 God and the grungy rapper you loved in high school, Lil Wayne. To celebrate their entrance into the Super Bowl commercial kingdom, we collected some of the strangest celebrity cameos in advertorials for products they most likely don’t use—from past Super Bowls as well as the upcoming one this Sunday. Sit back and relax before your blood pressure spikes on Sunday during the game. Here are our five favorite celebrity TV spots.

Lil Wayne Goes Accidentally Controversial for (2016)

I never thought I would say that a rapper whose star faded years ago would overshadow the badass legend we all know as Jeff Goldblum, but here we are. The new commercial for cheap apartments was supposed to be a cute riff on the hit Broadway play Hamilton and, while it is cute and memorable, the real discussion has been about Lil Wayne’s role. In the spot, he has George Washington come over to hang for the game and the two bond over iced out grills and flaming hot grilling (some people thought Wayne looked like he was working for the slave-owning Washington). Forgetting the controversy, the spot hits all the right notes and gives us more Lil Wayne in a gardener’s hat. Between that and Jeff Goldblum, we all win.

Drake’s “Restricted Bling” Ad Brings the Cheesy Dance Moves (2016)

When Drake isn’t busy finishing up his album or driving his Prius to go check on your girl, he’s collecting sweaters and breaking out his dad dance moves. The geniuses over at T-Mobile decided to cash in on all that, and brought the cell phone lyric from “Hotline Bling” back to create one of the most adorable ads of the year. Between a turtleneck-clad Drake smiling and saying he loves changes, and the shots of him jamming out in his color box, this is a hit in our hearts. Just look at that goofy grin and tell me you don’t feel the sun shining a little brighter.

Britney Spears Pre-Meltdown Slays and Creates a Moment for Pepsi (2001)

As much drama as Britney Spears has been through—and no matter how crazy her Instagram may get—we all grew up loving her. That’s why a minute and a half of Britney dancing and singing through the decades feels so right. From her Marilyn Monroe impression to the power suit ’80s moment, this is an unforgettable piece of history. It’s just as important for the content as it is for the context. A year after this aired, Britney kissed Madonna and began her fall from national grace. Press play for the looks, and then stay for ’70s-era Britney braiding hair and looking like she got the weekend off from her Vegas residency (and used that time to take a trip to Coachella).

Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne Are the Strangest Duo in History (2011)

We’re not sure how we forgot about this insane commercial that features the Prince of Darkness and “Baby”-era Biebz. For those who grew up watching the original celebrity family TV show, The Osbournes, we were well aware of Ozzy’s ineptitude with technology—especially TV remotes. For this Best Buy commercial, he does what he does best by yelling and mumbling incoherently while trying to figure out the difference between 4G and 5G. Just when you think it’s all over, infant era JB steps in to bring some generational realness and has the old man step away. From their unlikely matchup to the pseudo-futuristic spacesuits, this is one of the weirdest Super Bowl commercials we’ve ever seen.

Farrah Fawcett’s Cream Causes Early Puberty Nationwide in the ’70s (1973)

Way back before you could watch porn on your phone during the morning commute, people had to rely on commercials like this to awaken their inner urgings. Before Farrah Fawcett became our Charlie’s Angels crush, she appeared alongside football player Joe Namath to advertise shaving cream. Naturally, the ad starts with Namath creepily looking into our eyes to let us know he’s about to be creamed before Fawcett sensually spreads the shaving cream onto his face. As if that weren’t uncomfortably sexual enough, the porn music playing in the background was unmistakable confirmation that this commercial was about a lot more than getting the perfect shave—and most likely sent kids into a hormonal panic.

Stay tuned to Milk for more strange celebrity ads. 

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