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Fueling Music Via Anger & Anxiety With RENDEZ VOUS

With the highly anticipated release of their first album SUPERIOR STATE, and their ongoing “Expanding Corruption European Tour”, Paris-based band RENDEZ VOUS has a lot to say about the anger and anxiety that fuels their craft. Founded in 2012, the band is comprised of Francis Mallari, Elliot Berthault, Maxime Gendre, Simon Dubourg, and Guillaume Rottier. Read below for our chat with Berthault, accompanied with Fiona Feder’s photos of the band cruising around the Parisian suburbs.

The band formed quite naturally as friends meeting friendsdo you remember what your first band practices were like? Can you describe it?

It was a long time ago, it was certainly a real mess.

How did you decide on the name RENDEZ VOUS?

Just like any other band, we were looking for a name one day for the project and RENDEZ VOUS came across. It’s romantic, but we would rather see it as a “rendez-vous manqué”. The fact that it’s French used in the English language was interesting.

As a band, you’re constantly performinghow has the experience onstage shaped the music you create?

It’s influencing the way we write for sure. It was not directly obvious when we composed the LP but when we finished it we felt that these years of gigs influenced our music. Playing live was definitely not part of our comfort zone at the beginning. For us, the most important creative act is when you’re in the studio and we didn’t want to write specifically tracks made to be played on stage, we wanted to be as free as possible. Still, after these years touring, we sometimes think about how the songs will sound on stage.

What are the main differences you’ve noticed between the crowds of different countries?

From our point of view crowds from big cities in France and northern Europe are very melted and not affiliated to a particular music style but more attached to a state of mind and are really hungry to party during the shows! The funny thing is that when we go southern Europe it’s 100 percent goth.

Where are you most excited to tour?

Russia… Asia and US tours are also in preparation for next year and we’re very excited about it.

How would you describe your current sound?

This is not the easiest thing for a band to describe its own music, but we can say it’s like a blend of post-punk, industrial, EBM, shoegaze… We like when the production of a song is very rough and uncompromising but still with some catchy hooks and choruses.

What would you say are your main goals as musicians? To express yourself? To point out something in society? To send a specific message?

We don’t have concrete messages; we like to see metaphors and let people have their own opinions and interpretations. Our goal is to provoke energy and feelings. It’s the most important thing for us if you are tripping somewhere listening to this LP.

What creatives are you excited by in Paris at the moment?

Records label like Mind records, Editions Gravats…

Last questionwhere do you pull inspiration from?

Our city, our anger, anxiety…

Photography: Fiona Feder

Photo Assistant: Ilona Slama

Art Direction / Styling: Eline Hoyois 

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