"Hop in the Delorean Marty, I want to go to 2016 and see what an IO hawk is."



Futuristic Wearables That'll Make You Feel Like Marty McFly

We were all in awe of Nike‘s self-lacing sneakers in Back To The Future, but also inevitably disappointed since the likelihood of us getting our hands on them were slim to none. Well, not anymore. Nike just released their very own self-lacing sneakers, which means we can all finally unleash our inner Marty McFly. And though we may not have the real hoverboard yet (and no, the ones with the wheels don’t count), there are still some wildly impressive inventions that have been created in the 21st century. Below are but a few. 

Self Healing Backpacks and Duffels

Herschel Supply Co., the skater-friendly backpack brand, is now entering the tech game with their new futuristic backpacks and duffel bags. Dubbed the Sealtech Collection, the bags feature a special nylon fabric that reseals itself when punctured. The fabric is lightweight, sturdy, and even water resistant. Perfect for your next camping trip or excursion to Brooklyn.

Oooo. Aaah.
Oooo. Aaah.

Tattoos That Unlock Your Phone

Temporary tattoos aren’t just for donning your favorite Lisa Frank illustration on your bicep for the week anymore. Motorola created a temporary tattoo that unlocks your phone, because scanning your finger or typing in your code is just too hard. I know technology is made to make out lives easier, but this is a whole new level of effortless. Right now, the tattoos are only available for the Moto X, but Motorola is hoping to expand the temporary tattoos to other phones too.

It even has a minimalist design.


Jetpacks seem like one thing we’ve always dreamt of having but never actually got around to. But now they’re here, and they’re better than we could’ve ever imagined–they look like wings. Swiss aviation enthusiast Yves Rossy created a wing suit made out of carbon fiber and equipped with jet engines. Rossey then choreographed a flight demonstration in Dubai, making people put the jetpacks on to fly next to the world’s largest passenger aircraft. Shoutout the opulent people of Dubai for indulging in the craziest shit possible. Good old fashion clean, safe fun. 

We're Soarin' Flyin'

Facial Recognition Contact Lenses

Facial recognition contact lenses are the kind of thing you see on a secret agent or a cyborg in some crazy sci-fi movie. Thankfully you can now have Terminator vision irl. (Thanks Google!) The contacts are essentially the same as Google Glass—which has facial recognition technology as well—and will probably come in colors to match your iris so then you can wear them and still be low-key.

It’s more for tagging your friends on Facebook rather than killing people like Terminator.

Transparent Aluminum Armor

Whenever I think of transparent, indestructible armor, my mind goes to that scene in The Simpsons Movie where the town is trapped inside the glass dome that not even man power, battering rams, or bullets could break (shoutout to Stephen King). Now a real-life version of what appears to be that exact material has been made, but not for the purpose of trapping the civilians of Springfield. The Air Force has created aluminum oxynitride that can stop a bullet that’s traveling 2,700 feet per second. Yet another reason to apply to be the next James Bond

Not even Lisa could figure out this one
Not even Lisa could figure out this one.

Photos via Herschel Supply Co., Innespace Seabreacher, Popci, Digital Afro, and The Simpsons.

Stay tuned to Milk for more wild and cray cray tech inventions. 

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