Fuzzy Dude Ends His Fashion Week at Jeremy Scott

Though MADE Fashion Week hasn’t quite reached it’s conclusion, Fuzzy Dude couldn’t quite make it through the end of the week. Why did the little ball of dyed cotton fuzz quit early? Because he spread himself a little thin at Monday’s Jeremy Scott show.

He first flew backstage where he ran into Gigi Hadid, the model who’s opened both of Jeremy Soctt’s MADE shows this year. He was a little nervous about meeting her so he hid inside her tote bag, which ended with more irony than he could have possibly anticipated.


Though Gigi loved him, he was still a little nervous to be around him, so he decided to hit the crowd out front. Being a Jeremy Scott show, it was full of A-listers. Though the one that Fuzzy got along best with was Perez Hilton, on whose lap he remained for the duration of the show.


That’s all for this year! See you around next year Fuzzy!

All Fuzzy Dude artwork and gifs created by John McLaughlinwho you can follow on Instagram and Tumblr.

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