Fuzzy Dude Gets Dumped by Man Repeller, Sry Bae

Yesterday was a jam-packed day here at Milk Studios, but we weren’t too busy to miss the inevitable appearance of Fuzzy Dude. He made a splash at Wes Gordon, but then disappeared for what we can only assume was a boozy lunch spent schmoozing with the captains of the industry. He reappeared just as suddenly as he vanished for the Cushnie et Ochs show, where he got himself into a little more trouble than he’s used to.

He was expecting nothing but a fun time with Tumblr blogger the Man Repeller, who he had met during last season’s MADE FW, when he spied her sitting front row before the show started.

Man Repeller Fuzzy Dude

The Man Repeller clearly had different intentions, as after a brief hello dropped Fuzzy right to the ground. With his ego, and his fuzzy little rump, slightly bruised, Fuzzy decided to press his luck backstage. While looking for a restroom to hide his tears, he ended up bumping into the designers themselves, who cheered him up significantly. 

cushnie Fuzzy Dude

Despite having a rough day, we’re more than sure that he’ll be back. The little guy just can’t resist the fashion!

All art and gifs of Fuzzy Dude created by John McLaughlin who you can follow on Instagram and Tumblr, check out Fuzzy’s previous adventures here

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