The Story Behind Fuzzy Dude as He Returns to Made FW

Longtime fans of MADE Fashion Week should be familiar with one of our most peculiar guests. He may not be a celebrity or an A-Lister per se, but you could certainly argue that he’s getting there. He’s become an insider to the fashion world, with known personal acquaintances ranging from designers like Jeremy Scott to bloggers like the Man Repeller to executives like Anna Wintour. You might be wondering who this man is.

The simple answer is that he’s not a man. He’s a collection of fabric particles that goes by the name of Fuzzy Dude.


His origins are highly disputed, but we know a few things for sure. We have confirmed sources that he was first seen in a cotton processing plant where he was, quote “gathering life unto himself from leftover dyes,” according to the plant’s foreman. Still others think he’s not from this planet, a claim that is frankly difficult to dispute.

But we know for certain that the little guy loves his fashion. Even after being heckled by security at his first fashion week, Fuzzy found his way to the front row of the season’s most talked about shows, which is where he made friends with industry titans. Now he’s one of our VIP’s, a respected member of the Made Fashion Week family.

Fuzzy Dude with friends

This season we’ve given the little guy a job: making this fashion week the most colorfully fuzzy one yet. He’s on site as we speak, so stay tuned for his coverage. Fuzzy may look like a Swiffer Duster on an acid trip, but he’ll be writing the season’s most unique, vibrant, and fuzzy recaps you’ll find anywhere. It’s a Fuzzy world: we’re just living in it.

All photos and GIFs of Fuzzy Dude by John McLaughlin, who you can follow on Instagram and Tumblr

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