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Exclusive: G-Eazy is Back

After laying low for a year to work on new music, G-Eazy is back on the hip hop scene’s radar after the release of his latest song “No Limit”, featuring A$AP Rocky and Cardi B, and is gearing up to drop his third studio album, The Beautiful & Damned, later this year.

The rapper dropped his debut studio album in 2011 and has been on the road back to back since, finally taking time to stay in one place to record the new record, and eventually producing over 100 songs after building a studio in his new crib.

To introduce some of his new music and play fan favorites like “Me, Myself, and I,” he went back to his roots and his “second home,” aka New Orleans, to perform in a dive bar, bringing out Halsey, who is featured on the upcoming album, and Cardi B, to perform their new track.

While in New York for fashion week, G stopped by MILK.XYZ to talk his new track, his forthcoming album, and more. Read the exclusive interview below.

You’ve been kind of quiet this past year, what have you been up to?

I’ve been hibernating making my new album. I bought a house and built a studio inside of it and got to work. I felt like I was going nonstop, from album to album and tour to tour for almost five years straight. So this was the first time I actually got to live in one place and kind of be an actual person. It let me really get into a zone and focus on making this record, and I got into a great creative space and ended up making over 100 songs.

You just dropped your new track with Cardi B and A$AP Rocky, talk a bit about the collaboration and working with Rocky and Cardi B.

I’ve known Rocky for years, he had me open his first New York show back in like 2011 or some shit when he played Irving Plaza. We clicked the first time we met but this is the first time we ever actually collaborated on a song. I met Cardi like a year ago when we played a show together, and I remember watching her perform being completely convinced, thinking like “damn she’s a superstar.” It’s been dope to watch her rise, so i just felt like this record would be perfect for her, so I reached out and she killed it.

Talk a bit about your performance in New Orleans last month.

That was a dope experience. Bud Light gave me this chance to come back to my second home in New Orleans and play a small dive bar, so that it would be an intimate experience for the fans. I had hella fun. That’s how I came up, playing small venues in that city trying to build a buzz and a following. It’s a different kind of energy when you’re playing in a dive bar, as opposed to an arena, you feel everyone’s energy in there because they’re literally right in front of you. And then bringing out Halsey and Cardi was extra dope for the fans because they had no idea they were coming, so it just made the whole show that much more special.

Is it different performing in Nola rather than other places because it’s kind of where your career started?

Absolutely! There’s all this nostalgia that comes back, because we really got started there. Plus most of my homies from the scene still live there, who I really got started with, so it definitely brings me back.

Are you going to go on tour for this album? If so, where are you most excited to perform or what venue are you really looking forward to?

Definitely, I can’t wait to get back on the road and perform all this new music. This is actually probably the longest stretch of time that I haven’t been on tour, since I started touring back in like 2011. Towards the end of the last run I was feeling exhausted, but it’s like anything else, once you get your break and step away from it, you start to miss it again. There’s also certain cities I miss, that I don’t really get to visit outside of touring, some places you might not expect like Minneapolis, Denver, Albuquerque, Portland. I don’t know, sometimes it’s the smaller cities with the most character that show the most love.

Stay tuned to Milk for more west coast vibes.

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