'Gas and Grass' is the Weed Gas Station We Never Knew We Needed

Maybe it’s the weed talking but Colorado has been churning out some pretty inventive, not to mention lucrative, ideas to make marijuana more accessible. From the cliché images of dispensaries filled with munchy-crazed teenagers, to luxury boutiques for the sommeliers of pot, weed has been at center of a number of new business ventures. The latest faded brainchild, Gas and Grass, is a one-stop shop in to fill up your tank and pick up your pot.

In an aim to make their product more accessible, Native Roots, one of the largest dispensaries in Colorado, plans to open two gas stations under the name ‘Gas and Grass’ in Colorado Springs complete with gas, convenience store, and full marijuana bar. Plus all the gas handles are set to have rad little marijuana leaf stickers on them.

However, just because marijuana is legal, the gas station will by no means be a magical pot wonderland. Let’s not forget it’s still a gas station. Plus there are a number of sticky legalities Gas and Grass must abide by. Firstly, marijuana can’t be sold side by side with gas station staples like air fresheners and questionable beef jerky. Although they will be sold in the same building, there will be two separate entrances to the station, one for the weed and one for the convenience store. Secondly, the gas station will only sell medical marijuana, so all customers will need to be card-carrying members of the medical weed party.

For dispensary regulars, Gas and Grass will supply a loyalty discount on gas as an incentive for users to fill up the tank, pick up their prescription and nab some snacks next store while their at it. The opening date may be as early as this October, so if you’re the type that gets last minute holiday gifts at the gas station, Grandma may be getting something extra special this year.

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