Gender Diaries: Cole Haden (of Model/Actriz)

As the world continues to push against gender constructs, the conversation around how people are identifying themselves is constantly evolving. Throughout the month, Milk will feature a guest artist discussing their experience with the industry’s expectations of gender and, often, where it intersects with their artistic practice. Today, we feature musician, Cole Haden.

As the front person of the experimental noise band Model/Actriz, Cole Haden’s live performances embody the visceral nature of their music through sensual movement that forces audience engagement. From his glimmeringly sheer bodysuits to his glitter heavy makeup, Haden is a powerful force on stage—mirroring the band’s pulsating and aggressive sound through unapologetic performance. Milk talked to Haden about shedding his past assumed personas, the gendering of electronic music, and the importance of authenticity.

Check out Model/Actriz’s latest song below: 


WRITER: Corey Bates

PRODUCER + DIRECTOR: Gabriella Plotkin

DP: Bren Cukier


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